Monday, August 25, 2008

Update on Nutkin

Nutkin is our very much loved squirrel. He came to us from our friends in Chicago. Nutkin enjoyed many visits to homes around the Whangarei Heads. He enjoyed playing and learning alongside the children of Manaia Kindergarten. As you can see from the wonderful stories in this blog, Nutkin had many adventures here in New Zealand and even traveled around the country. Nutkin was given the opportunity to visit Bali. The word is that due to the huge amount of rain we have been having in New Zealand, Nutkin decided to extend his stay in Bali indefinitely. However Nutkin did make friends on his travels and spoke to Ekko about the wonderful tropical bush and weather of New Zealand. Ekko was most excited to visit and having read the Manaia Kindergarten Blog, decided to come and stay - indefinitely. Ekko has been with us for just 3 weeks and is already having a wonderful time with the children from Manaia Kindergarten. You can check out adventure of Ekko at Manaia in his own personal blog.

Nutkin - wherever you are in your travels, we wish you a wonderful time, safe passage, and plenty of nuts.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Holiday

WOW I'm back in Whangarei after a week traveling. First I went to Omokoroa, which is just before Tauranga. We stayed in a campground with hot thermal pools. The water was beautiful! Next we went to Whakatane and stayed at Ohope Beach. I played mini-golf and visited with friends who had a HUGE dog! I was very scared! The next places I went to were Napier, Havelock North and Hastings in the Hawkes Bay. On the way we went through a smelly place called Rotorua and then to Taupo where I saw a HUGE lake! In Napier we went up a HUGE Mountain called Te Mata Point, there was a trig station at the top. On the way home from Napier we stopped in Hamilton for a night. I have seen so many things, been to so many different playgrounds and had HEAPS of fun. Kesia has helped me to put together a movie of our holiday. Thanks Kesia for showing me around more of New Zealand! We would love to hear your comments....