Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nutkin goes to Ocean Beach - Zoe's House


Rosemary said...

Thank you, Manaia Kindy and Zoë for the adventures of Nutkin at Ocean Beach. I watched it from England with your cousins who have never seen your house or even you and Fleur.

Back in Whangarei Heads next week.

With love from GRANDMA

Anonymous said...

Are you back at school ? Is Nutkin again in New Zealand or back in America ?

GrandMa was here for 2 days; it was wonderfull to speak together.

Gros bisous

Papy and Mamy from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Coucou c'est Mathias

Zoë quand tu viendras en Belgique, j'irai te montrer les écureuils dans la forêt. D'accord ?


Anonymous said...

Coucou, c'est Mathias,

Zoë quand tu viendras en Belgique, nous irons voir les écureuils en forêt. D'accord.