Monday, February 25, 2008

Nutkin visits Freya


Cindy said...

I wonder what your cat thought about having a squirrel on her back? Looks like Nutkin is really enjoying climbing the trees in New Zealand. The trees there are so different than the ones we have here. I am sure Nutkin thinks your trees are GREAT!

Mark and Debra said...


It looks like nutkin had such a great weekend with you, i'm glad he got to meet all your lovely animals. He seemed to sit very well on Sammie and the bed you made him to sleep in at night looked so comfortable i think he will definately want to visit you again.

Well Done

Debra and Mark

pault said...

It was great having a squirrel stop for the weekend, some of the tricks that Nutkin and Freya got up to was funny. Nutkin sure does enjoy beiong around animals, especially Vera the pig.
Well done Frey for looking after Nutkin.

Love Mummy and Daddy

scruffy said...

Hello Freya

Nutkin must have had a really great time visiting you and all the animals (and Cassie too!) We didn't know that squirrels were so clever at colouring in so your's must have learnt heaps at Kindy.

Lots of love and see you soon.
Granny and Grandad

Rebecca Billings said...

Hello Freya
Thank you for your lovely story about Nutkin's visit to your house. He certainly got up to mischieve didn't he! It's a good job squirrels (and Freyas) are good at climbing trees!
Lots of love from Auntie Bekki and Uncle Giampy, xxx

Carl and Jo said...

Dear Freya

It looks like you gave Nutkin the Squirrel a fantastic time at home with all your family and your animals.He seemed to love all your animals and we thought he had fallen asleep when Daddy read you both a bedtime story! We also thought that Nutkin loved his ride on Sammy the Horse!

If we come to stay will you look after us as well?

Much love

Carl, Jo and William