Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Madeline and Nutkin


Cindy said...

You did so many great things with Nutkin. How long was he visiting at your place? It was great to hear you tell about all the pictures.

Mrs. Partyka said...

Hi Madeline!

I am a fan of Nutkin! I love your videos! You and Nutkin make me smile!

Madeline & Ellinor said...

Nutkin came to my house for the weekend. We arrived from the North West of England in November and Nutkin was able to help unpack some of the boxes.
It is great as my family back in England can see what I have been up to here in New Zealand.


denisewhittam1 said...

I am Madelines Grandma and I live in England. I love to see Madeline in Kindergarten. I think it is a wonderful idea being able to log in and see her playing with her friends