Monday, February 25, 2008

Nutkin enjoys Megan's house


Cindy said...

Nutkin is a very busy squirrel. I see a lot of his cousins eating at the park. They could eat a whole bag of popcorn. ;-)
I am glad you remembered to fasten his seatbelt. It's always smart to be safe!

Mark and Debra said...


It was good to have Nutkin at home with us, You took such good care of him. Daddy and i were very proud, it shows you are growing into a responsible big girl.

Great Job, We love you

Mummy and Daddy

nanny & grandad said...

Nutkin looks to be having a lovely time at your dancing class & all the squirrel needs is a dancing outfit.He likes cheerios for his breakfast just like you do & it was great to see him with all of you at home please keep us up to date with your adventures with Nutkin.
Lots of love
Nanny & Grandad xxxxx