Monday, March 17, 2008

Nutkin with Cory


Tarnz said...

WOW Cory, what a busy weekend Nutkin had at your house. I don't know if Nutkin has ever been shopping before and how lucky to see people singing in the mall. I don't think Nutkin has ever been to McDonalds, what did he like to eat there. Your pizzas for dinner looked great. I was so excited to see Nutkin on Sunday for our walk up Parihaka. Jordan and Kesia enjoyed meeting you and walking with you. Thanks for taking Nutkin on such a BIG adventure. Love Tania

Cindy said...

We agree with Tania, Nutkin had a very busy time with you. We're impressed with the fun things he's been able to do since his arrival in New Zealand. Thanks for helping show him a good time!